Kris Slagter

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发布时间:2018-08-30 10:08:58

        2007年初,克里斯被英国迪斯尼互动公司聘用,并担任Triple A有限公司动画首席动画师,作品如《纯》和《争分夺秒》。除了首席动画师职务外,他还在新西兰电视节目《斯巴达克斯》和《寻找者传奇》中担任自由职业艺术家。在此之前,他与伊凡在众多游戏中并肩作战。
        Kris has worked with professional CG for more than 15 years, working in TV, games and short films. He is a very passionate 3D artist.
        In early 2007 Kris was hired by Disney Interactive in the UK and worked as a lead animator on Triple A titles such as Pure and Split-Second. In addition to his lead animator role he has worked as a freelance artist within New Zealand on TV titles such as Spartacus and Legend of the Seeker. Prior to this he worked alongside Ivan at Sidhe Interactive on numerous game titles.